Energy solutions with Solifant

Solifant was founded in Germany in 1988 by Thomas Sacks, by profession an engineer and solar energy expert. The newly established branch company in Pakistan offers, based on customers electricity demand, usage & load profile a complete solar product range from off-grid home solution (SHSS and LHSS) for remote areas (villages) up to photovoltaic systems solutions for your residential, commercial and hybrid industrial needs as well as higher mega watt solar parks complete and customized package.

The owner–operated German company posses several years of experience in planning, developing and construction of photovoltaic projects and has executed a number of projects in different sizes starting from small – Large roof-type and ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants (Solar Parks) ranging from lower-Kwp up to higher- Mwp. With an excellent engineering experience of our partner companys, we have realized nationally and internationally large MW photovoltaic projects. Our specialization has been in contracting of EPC and O&M and we provide full support in every phase of your solar power plant projects. We support our clients for large-scale rooftop and ground-mounted projects in all important phases of their project starting from decision making phase, engineering and contract award, implementation phase, planning and installation and operation as well as maintenance.

Why with Solifant and SonnenPlus Pakistan? Our offer is German engineering, technical and managerial competency and experience, services of all project implementation stages of development, construction, operations and maintenance.

Solifant and SonnenPlus Pakistan provide complete PV-energy solutions for the Pakistani market to fulfil every need - simple, cost-efficient and reliable. Plan your energy solution with SonnenPlus Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. for your own electricity requirements and avoid rising electricity prices to develop tailored solar power solutions for any roof type, commercial and Industrial types.

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