fosera bop - brilliant solar light with extremely long lifespan - at low prices

fosera has developed a new kind of solar light which combines high quality and several innovative features at a very low price.

  • Innovative Li-Battery-Technology (high lifespan - up to eight years, high cycle life, no sulphation)
  • Can be combined with fosera PSHS by plug&play connection: you can either charge it with a small separate PV module (included) or with your PSHS
  • Robust and flexible design allows multiple ways of usage with just one device: as wall lamp, ceiling lamp or ambience light
  • Ultra efficient, longlife LED lights
  • Crystalline cell technology (20+ years lifespan)
  • After each full charging, the battery offers up to 50 hours light in dimmed mode!
  • German Engineering
  • Solar module included
  • Nightlight function (can switch on light automatically at night)
Technical data
bop 25
bop 50
System voltage
3,25 V
3,25 V
System capacity (C10)
200 mAh
400 mAh
Module peak power
0,3 Wp
0,5 Wp
Module current
90 mA
90 mA
Illuminance (bright mode)
20 lm
40 lm
Daily operation hours (bright mode)
4 h
4 h
Operation hours (dimmed mode)
50 h
50 h

fosera bop


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