Pico Solar Home Systems

  • Innovative lithium battery technology
    High life span, high cycle life, no sulphation
    Extreme low self consumption of 0,01 mA
  • Easy extension
  • Easy to install
  • Ultra efficient fosera light
    1W LED as bright as about 20W incandescent lamp
    5h use per day - 15 years life span
  • Crystalline cell technology
    20 years life span
  • German engineering
  • Multiple application samples
    Table lamps, radio, phone charger
  • Multiple application in future
    Fan, tv-set, coolers, mobile lamp (scandle), ferry light
Technical data
PSHS 2800
PSHS 4200
PSHS 7000
System voltage
3,2 V
3,2 V
3,2 V
System capacity (C10)
2800 mAh
4200 mAh
7000 mAh
Module peak power
1,5 Wp
2,5 Wp
5 Wp
Module current
400 mA
650 mA
1200 mA
fosera light 100
fosera light 200
fosera light 400
Maximum number of lamps
2x fosera 100
2x fosera 200
4x fosera 200
Radio connectable
Phone charger connectable
at daytime

fosera PSHS


Modul des fosera Pico Solar Home System PSHS 7000 mit 5W

PSHS 7000
Modul des fosera Pico Solar Home System PSHS 7000 mit 5W

Pico Solar Home System

„Licht in die Dörfer“

Afghan children proudly showing the 5W Pico Solar Home Systems delivered for their families from German Aid for Afghan Children in the provinces of Khost, Laghman and Nangahar.


Photovoltaic project at OPRIFS in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia using Pico Solar Home System

In numerous developing countrys in Africa and Asia people using Pico Solar Home System for lightening non-electrified outside and indoor sections at schools and private buildings.

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