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Photovoltaic Projects in Pakistan

Photovoltaic project in Pakistan

MWp Photovoltaic Systems

  • EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction)
  • O&M (Operations & management)

Our Partner for Pakistan:

SonnenPlus Pakistan (Pvt.) Limited Pakistan
Internet: sonnenplus.com/pk

SMA Solar Technology AG
Internet: sma.de

Zularistan Ltd.
Internet: zularistan.com

1000 Solar Home Systems, 300 solar cooker and solar water purification units for Swat Valley, Pakistan 2011

Solar Home Systems for Christian-Muslim School in Sargodha, Pakistan in 2013

As part of the award of the Thomas-Dehler-Award to Dr. Reinhard and Annette Erös on September 18th 2010 in the Court Church of All Saints in Munich was also informed about the current project of the German Aid for Afghanistan Children for supply to the flood victims in Pakistan with tents, solar cookers, seeds and building materials.

SonnenPlus provides solar cooker, pico solar home systems, solar water purification units and was represented with a booth at the event.

Kinderhilfe Afghanistan hilft Flutopfern in Pakistan


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